Case Study

Securing Funding for a New England Economic Hub

The Challenge

Boston Logan International Airport, a major economic asset to both Massachusetts and the greater area of New England, was in need of major upgrades. The Airport’s infrastructure required modernization through both increasing its capacity and improving its environmental performance.


  • O’Neill and Associates utilised its federal relations team to lobby congress for funding through the massive 2022 Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.
  • O’Neill and Associates played a key role in securing Logan $62 million in grant funding.


  • The grant awarded to Logan was the largest award made to any major U.S. airport and will be used to fund improvements to Terminal E, as well as improvements to critical terminal area roadways and the airport’s power system, which will be more energy efficient—greener—while meeting the future needs of this key element of the Massachusetts and New England economy.
  • As President Biden said at the celebration of the grant on September 12th, “We are creating a modern terminal worthy of America’s City on a Hill.”