Public Policy Holding Company, Inc. (“PPHC”) is a group of premier advisory firms specializing in government relations, public relations, strategic research, grassroots influence and digital campaign solutions. Together, our companies work with nearly 1000 corporate clients, institutions and coalitions to define and advance policy goals, manage risk, shape public opinion and orchestrate issue advocacy campaigns on their behalf.


PPHC was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Washington DC. Our team represents deep, bi-partisan and international experience in issues including financial services, energy, agriculture, transportation, foreign policy, healthcare, and technology.

Since inception, we have made a series of acquisitions and investments bringing together founders and senior leaders onto a shared platform for accelerated growth, innovation and career opportunities. We successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM in December 2021 and trade under the ticker PPHC.L.


Our leaders are established founders and executives with international experience in all major sectors

  • Stewart Hall

    Managing Director

  • Bill Chess

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jill Kendrick

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Thomas Gensemer

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Neal Strum

    Chief Legal Officer

  • Roel Smits

    Deputy CFO

  • Ron Starzman

    VP, Human Resources

  • Paula Thrasher

    VP, Financial Operations