Case Study

Gave Rural Voters a Voice in Washington D.C.

The Challenge

A newly formed organization seeking to engage political campaigns to address rural issues needed to secure top-tier media coverage at launch, becoming a go-to for Beltway audiences looking for a “rural take” on the national conversation.


  • FTP launched an aggressive media outreach strategy, including:
    • Organizing meetings with national reporters for board members
    • Pitching reports, analyses, and polling for article features
    • Pitching spokespeople to cable, radio, online, and print media
    • Creating a monthly podcast featuring thought leaders including David Axelrod and Dr. Julio Friedmann


  • The organization became widely followed on social media by presidential campaign staff, party leadership, and journalists writing about rural voters
  • Media hits included Axios, ABC, CNN International, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Associated Press, and MSNBC