Case Study

Bringing Healthcare Experts into the Spotlight 

The Challenge

A hospital association struggled to assert themselves as a leader on a variety of legislative issues being discussed during legislative hearings in Congress. Partly because they lack relationships in Member’s offices, but also because they struggled to deliver an effective message. 


  • FTP created an advocacy initiative, with dedicated microsite and all collateral materials. 
  • FTP provided wraparound strategic communications services, including placing op-eds in beltway media, conducting traditional press outreach, and managing all social media content and strategy. 
  • We developed a plan to host a series of briefings for Hill staffers and stakeholders with key caucuses in Congress. These briefings were broadcast live on Zoom, Facebook and uploaded on Youtube. 


  • The association has now participated in several congressional hearings. 
  • Established the association as a thought leader especially in the conversation regarding children’s mental health.  
  • Generated dozens of interviews and clips in national media outlets including NPR, Washington Post, NY Times, Politico and 60 minutes. 
  • Conducted first congressional briefing with over 100 congressional staff and stakeholders logging in for the duration of the event.