Retirement of Bill Chess

With mixed emotions, we announce the retirement of Bill Chess from his role as Chief Administrative Officer of PPHC. While stepping back from day-to-day operations, Bill will continue as a strategic consultant and valued Board member.

The PPHC team extends its deepest gratitude to Bill for his exceptional leadership. Co-founding PPHC in 2014 and serving as CFO until July 2023, Bill’s vision and strategic acumen have been instrumental in shaping PPHC into the global organization it is today.

A mentor and friend to many, Bill has been a cornerstone of PPHC, fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration. We celebrate his distinguished career and look forward to his continued guidance.

Stewart Hall, CEO: 

“PPHC wouldn’t exist without Bill. From our inception to our current international presence, his pivotal role cannot be overstated. Bill’s foresight and dedication have molded us into who we are today. We’re deeply grateful for his unwavering belief in our company and its people. His friendship and leadership have been foundational to our success. Please join me in thanking Bill for his wisdom, loyalty, and immeasurable contributions.”

Jill Kendrick, COO: 

“Bill always emphasized that people make the difference, a principle that now defines PPHC. We’re thankful for Bill being one of those difference-makers. His tireless devotion, vision, and wisdom have not only brought us to where we are but have also created the blueprint for our future success.”

Bill Chess, Non-Executive Director:

“Everyone reaches a time in life to move on, and now that such a great team is in place at PPHC, my time has come.  It was the most enjoyable time of my life to start with Stewart’s vision twelve years ago and then, along with Stewart and Jill, acquire companies and build a staff to make our dream become reality.  Our ‘baby’ is growing quickly and most importantly we have not wavered from our original principles of adding the best companies and staff.  I’ll continue to watch the future progress with great anticipation.”