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Addressing Anti-Competitive Business Practices in the Digital Marketplace 


  • Technology innovators were frequently up against monopolistic, anti-competitive business practices in the digital economy, posing existential threats to their success and growth. 
  • An international coalition of industry-leading tech companies, spanning small developers to large consumer brands, had formed a coalition to advocate for policies to address these practices – but were struggling to break through the noise and break through to policymakers. 


  • FTP delivered a comprehensive, multi-tiered strategy at the state, federal, and international levels, including:
    • Executing proactive communications strategy to raise the coalition’s profile and proposed solutions;
    • Coordinating a robust government relations plan to influence key Hill offices and European policymakers;  
    • Engaging members of the coalition to amplify their stories with reporters and policymakers in the US and Europe; and 
    • Managing all facets of the coalition’s day-to-day activities, including administration, membership communications, and recruitment.


  • Orchestrated high-profile U.S. Senate Judiciary hearing on the issue and coordinated coalition members as witnesses.
  • 8 states introduced legislation aligned with the coalition’s priorities.
  • Secured interest from multiple international competition authorities resulting in investigations into anti-competitive business practices.
  • Garnered media coverage of the coalition and its issues in major media outlets, including the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CBS News, and more.
  • Successfully shifted the narrative to reflect the dangers of these harmful practices on innovators and their customers.